Will I be clean for a Piss test for marijuana in time?

Question by Iisac: Will I be clean for a Piss test for marijuana in time?
I just found out I will be taking a piss test for work sometime next week maybe at the earliest Monday (Oct 1st) or if lucky later in the that week. I smoked a joint last Tuesday night (Sept 18th). I smoked 2 very small joints previously sometime over the last 2 weeks BEFORE that last night and didn’t do it for months before those times. I am 5 foot 10 and weight 150 pounds and have no fat really and i drink a lot of water and i exercise playing sports during the week. What are the chances I pass a piss test sometime between Oct 1st and 5th?

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Answer by SmooveNeck
I’m in the same situation. I smoke a lot and Mine is later on this week. i looked at a lot of forums and they all say you should be ok if you Drink PLENTY of water and sweat a goo bit. btw i Drink 352+ oz of water a day now. You should be ok.

Answer by Josh
Honestly it takes about three weeks if you just let it pass on its own. However if you drink LOTS of water like you say your doing it flushes it out even faster and given the last time you smoked id say if you continued to drink LOTS of water I promise you will pass that test(: so don’t worry just keep doing what your doing I promise your good just don’t smoke again until after the test

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